Dilapidations is a word often found in leases. It refers to work the tenant is required to carry out (or to pay to have carried out) and may include any or all of the following:

  • Repairing the property
  • Decorating the property
  • Doing work to ensure the property complies with legislation
  • Reinstating the property to the way it was before the tenant carried out any alterations to it (even if the alterations were approved by the landlord).

The amount of work will depend on the terms of the lease. There can even be cases where the tenant is required to put the property into a significantly better condition than it was in at the beginning of the lease.”

Thornwood are specialists in “End of Lease” Dilapidation works. These are often an added stress for tenants who seek to relocate their entire staff & business. We take the same approach to our dilapidation projects as we do with our fit-out works. We provide a dedicated & experienced project manager to take full responsibility of the complete package, so that you can focus on the move at hand.