Ricochet – Brighton

Programme: 7 Weeks

Contract Value: £150,000.00

This beautiful CAT B Office Fit-Out undertaken within a live building in Brighton and split amongst 2 floors.

A stunning 2nd floor communal breakout was created using bespoke joinery & furniture placements which gave optimal space saving allowances for the business and its staff.

Clever combinations of floor finishes throughout the building were used to break up the office and a touch of vibrant character.

Clusters of interactive skype booths were placed throughout the building to offer visitors and staff flexible collaboration areas in convenient places. Using acoustic materials and fixtures the booths provide privacy whilst boasting aesthetics.

With strict noise & Dust controls in place, Thornwood strategically planned each step of the pre-construction & delivery phases to avoid any disruption to the client’s business and staff.

Thornwood Interiors Ltd are proud to have had 0 snags & 0 accidents on this project along with an overjoyed client.

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